Get the original LinkedIn article here: The Best of Times & Worst of Times in the Video BusinessAuthor:Mark Donnigan is VP Marketing at Beamr, a high-performance video encoding technology company.-----------------------------------------------------------------Best & Worst of Times in Video Mark Donnigan Vice President Marketing at BeamrCan a four … Read More

About Mark Donnigan:Mark has been a part of building several trailblazing companies in the video industry, including VUDU, the original licensed Hollywood content T-VOD streaming service that was acquired by Walmart. Kaleidescape, the first of its kind home entertainment server company founded by NetApp co-founder Michael Malcolm. And MOD Systems, … Read More

About Mark Donnigan:Mark Donnigan is Vice President Marketing for Beamr Imaging, Ltd., a software company, and image science pioneer focused on video solutions for OTT streaming services and Pay TV networks that is backed by Verizon and former Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt. Mark has contributed to the growth of several trailblazing companies in th… Read More